EF #3 How Gadget Affect Our life

I can believe i can make it through the first and second challenge from Blog English Club, and now let me share my view for this week theme. The theme is “how gadget affect our life”

So how far those things we called gadget affect our life?

To be honest, I am not a gadget freak but I can’t imagine my life without it.

I use mixer, fridge, blender even food processor to ease all the hassle in my kitchen.

In this smartphone and social media era, almost every one addicted to their hand phone including yours truly :)))

But how deep this gadget affect our life? So deeeepppp, I could swear I know several person that prefer spending time with their gadget rather than talking with real people.

To make it worse,nowadays those kind of personΒ  increasing enormously in number.

But why this smartphone become so addictive to us? Because sometimes it’s suit our ego. It suit our needs to grab some attention (hello there attention whore) through social media. It suit our need to be entertained with many apps and games they brought to our hand.

Okey, at this point I don’t know where this post going to end. I am an attention whore myself *grin* that’s why I have this blog.

But sometimes this world wide web scare me, imagine thousands of people have read my stories without even have know me in person.

One good looking man known as Bandung’sΒ  city mayor once said in his Instagram account “we live in noisy, riweuh, judging society”

Yes we does, the last few years this world became so noisy I can’t even hear anything clearly. The rush of information to fast to handle.

In the end of the day, even gadget couldn’t comfort me. All I need is a simple touch from my favorite persons. All the likes I get from my blog or my face book cannot replace the smile from my friends I met in person.

Thankfully those tiny little things called love couldn’t replace by those gadgets.

14 thoughts on “EF #3 How Gadget Affect Our life

  1. desweet26

    Eyym….walopun telepon secanggih apapun..ga bisa menggantikan senyum terindah my loved ones.. πŸ˜‰
    Tapi teteup I looooveee smartphone.. Asal jgn keterusan makenya ampe ignore orang2 sekitar..*tsaaahhh

  2. Faraziyya

    Iya mba, gadget ngga mampu menggantikan kehadiran orang-orang tercinta πŸ™‚
    tapi gadget bisa jadi jembatan untuk berhubungan dengan orang-orang tercinta yang sedang jauh.

  3. ayufatnawati

    That is the reason why we should really aware about things that will we share in the Internet or social media. When I share my life, share notes, photos, or even just a glimpse status or comment, I should aware that public can see it and also judge it. We will need a big consciousness and maturity to behave. 😊

  4. Amalia Ardiatami

    It’s so true mba, kadang saya jg kepikiran kalo “we can buy happiness sometimes (in thi scase gadget), what we can’t buy is Love”
    salam kenal jg ya mbaaa, makasih dah mampir ke blog saya

  5. sondangrp

    so simple yet dalem, Etty ini termamah banget deeeh.
    Hiks kalo di kost kostan social media is my friend Ettyyyy *syediiih* dan emang iya tak dapat menggantikan kenyamanan para kesayangan *lagipula hapeku bulug pula* hahaha


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